Bartlesville Bentonville OKC Roadtrip 2023

Roadtripping with the Satchell’s

All electric The Satchel’s in Tesla 3 H&D in a Rivian RT1

First Leg Dallas to Bartlesville OK with a stop in Tulsa OK 305ish miles

Bob Dylan archives, coffee at Gypsy Coffee House and dinner at Restaurant Basque

Stayed at the Inn at Price Tower. The only realized skyscraper by Frank LLoyd Wright

Breakfast at Weeze’s Cafe

side trip to Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

Second Leg Bartlesville OK to Bentonville AR 103ish miles route via Sail Boat Bridge

Stayed at the 21C Hotel, Dinner at The Preacher’s Son and The Hive

Coffee at Onyx Coffee Lab

Visited Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Third Leg Bentonville AR to Oklahoma City OK with stop in Tulsa OK 220ish miles

Lunch at The Vault Restaurant

Stayed at The National and dined at The Black Walnut

Final Leg OKC to Dallas 210ish miles